Fitness Classes

KickBoxing CAMP

This revolutionary class offers the best systematic combinations of martial arts, fitness, resistance, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning for fat burning. Punching bag workout in combination with resistance training will give you a perfect cardio and endurance training.

Fit Camp

This Fun Energetic class is a systematic combination of weights, ply metrics, martial arts, and cardio burst for fat burning, muscle definition, and conditioning. This exciting and unique workout burns around 800- 1000 calories per hour.

Power Fit

This powerful, structure, and fun class offers a total body toning and strengthening. The combination of dumbbells and bars will focus on one muscle at a time for time periods and multiple repetitions to build muscle and burn fat. This is a challenging class that works all your major muscle groups with different movements that will leave your body rocking.


This challenging workout mixes plyometrics, body weight exercises, cardio, and weights on every station. With different times and miniaml resting periods this Interval and strength training combined in different styles will give your body a full fat burn and challenge you physically and mentally.


This relaxing by yet challenging class offers a systematic practice of breathing techniques, physical exercises, postures, stretching, and meditation intended to integrate the practitioner's body, mind, and spirit.


This exciting and limitless modality of workout involves combinations of strengthening, cardio, endurance, and power. Applying different systems to a variety of cross training exercises from lifting, running, jumping, pushing, kicking, punching and more will create body confusion that will help you to lose body fat and get leaner muscles more efficient than traditional fitness.